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Level 1: From Everyday Language to Logic

TAKE THIS COURSE FOR FREE! This course takes you step-by-step through the most basic elements of logical analysis: your key to critical thinking mastery.

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Level 2: Logical Properties & Logical Relationships

Learn how to construct truth-tables and use them to identify logical properties like necessary truth & contingency and to test for logical relationships like consistency & contradiction.

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Level 3: Using Argument Forms To Test For Validity

Can't tell a modus ponens from a modus tollens? This course covers some of the most common valid and invalid argument forms and their uses in evaluating real-life arguments.

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Level 4: Using Truth-Tables To Test For Validity

You've mastered the use of truth-tables to identify logical properties and relationships. Now use them to test arguments for validity.

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Level 5: The Indirect Method

AKA "Turbo Truth-Tables" - This method allows those already familiar with traditional truth-tables to identify logical relationships and test for validity with lightning speed!

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Level 6: Proof By Natural Deduction

Learn to construct step-by-step logical proofs of validity. Along the way you'll master some of the most important entailment & equivalence relationships in logic.

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Critical Thinking: A Key 21st Century Skill

Critical thinking skills are key in rapidly changing & evolving educational and vocational contexts, and logic is at the heart of critical thinking.

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Why study formal logic?

Because the ability to analyse and evaluate arguments is at the heart of effective critical thinking

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Because the information overload of the 21st century means “relying on the experts” is no longer a viable option, and thinking for yourself is more essential than ever.

Why study with us?

Because our course content is based on sound and detailed understanding of key concepts and skills, and our courses are designed to make learning fun and addictive.

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