Level 1: From Everyday Language to Logic

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Symbolic logic provides powerful tools for analysing and evaluating the claims and arguments we come across in everyday life. But before we can use these tools, we must learn how to translate everyday language into the language of symbolic logic, and learn the “grammar” of symbolic logic.

What will I learn from this course?

(1) How to identify the subjects & predicates of everyday sentences.

(2) How to distinguish between logically simple and logically complex sentences.

(3) How to identify each of the logically simple sentences that appears within a logically complex sentence.

(4) How to take conjunctions (“and” sentences), disjunctions (“or” sentences), conditionals (“If … then …” sentences) and negations (“It is not the case that …” sentences) and analyse them into their symbolic forms.

(5) How to distinguish well-formed logical formulae (formulae that comply with the grammatical rules of symbolic logic) from those that are not properly formed.

(6) How to identify the “scope” or “breadth” of the logical operators that appear with complex logical formulae.

All these skills are prerequisites for advanced techniques of logical analysis!

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