Ditch the logic textbooks! We’ve gamified the process of learning logic!


Welcome to our website! If you’ve made it this far, you grasp the importance of critical thinking skills in the 21st Century, and the central role of logic in critical thinking.  But you might be wondering, why should I pay for a logic course when there’s so much logic content available online for free?


The simple answer is that ours is the only website to “gamify” the process of learning logic. Other logic websites (don’t even get us started on the textbooks!) have quality content, but that content is presented in large blocks of technical language, followed by 4 or 5 interactive quiz questions on each topic (if you’re lucky!).


Learn Logic the Easy Way turns this tired, dry model of learning upside down. Sure, each of our lessons (or “levels”) includes text and/or video content. But at Learn Logic the Easy Way we get you working ASAP on the quizzes, which is where the real fun – and therefore the real learning – happens.


Our quizzes are short and sharp, and give you immediate feedback. And our huge question banks mean you can repeat each quiz until you’ve nailed the concept and are ready to move on. As you complete each level you gain access to the next, which keeps you motivated: just like a well-designed video game.


So sure, go ahead and stare blankly at the dry slabs of text on our competitor’s websites if that’s what you prefer. But if you’re genuinely ready to start your journey to critical thinking mastery, come join in the fun at Learn Logic the Easy Way!


Oh, and by the way: all course purchases include access to our Members Only Facebook Group so you can access the individualised help you need to smash through roadblocks in your learning!


About our chief instructor


All our content has been designed and built by our chief instructor Dr Mark Hodges. Mark is a PhD qualified Critical Thinking and Logic instructor who has taught within the philosophy departments of La Trobe University and Melbourne University and has successfully taught Logic and Critical Thinking to school students as young as 9 years of age.


Through his long experience Mark has developed a keen awareness of the pitfalls that face logic-learners of all ages. He has thought long and hard about how to make the process of learning logic fun and engaging, and has developed an appreciation for the value of online-learning tools for achieving these goals. All these elements come together at Learn Logic The Easy Way.